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💰1Hive Gardens

1Hive Gardens is an effort to create a template for public communities to coordinate shared resources in a bottom-up fashion.

Rather than rely entirely on majority rule decision making, resource allocation decisions in gardens are regulated by staking on proposals to accumulate conviction over time. This allows resources to be allocated fairly, while minimizing the political and divisive process of coming to consensus on a single course of action. 

A bonding curve allows people to enter or exit without requesting permission, but similar to Moloch’s ragequit mechanism, exit is restricted while supporting proposals. 

We have already built a prototype using aragonOS and the Aragon client which can be tested on rinkeby. 

We are currently working on polishing the contracts, building a sub-graph, and providing a simplified and easily fork-able frontend. 

To follow our progress, learn more, or get involved, find us on keybase or discord.

Thanks for your support! 

Article posted 1 year ago

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