Decentralized application browsr
21 November 2019 | 1:33 am

Using Gitcoin Hackathons to Explore Blockchain Gaming

Here is how I took advantage of Gitcoin's hackathon season to build my chops as a blockchain game developer

20 November 2019 | 9:38 am

Status Mobile App Security Audit Complete Ahead of v1 Launch

The security audit by Trail of Bits of the Status Mobile App for the v1 release by has completed. Zero (0) critical issues found and less than forty (40) total issues identified.

13 November 2019 | 5:33 am

Implementing Fathom Analytics on Marketing Websites

Status will implement Fathom - Privacy Preserving Analytics on marketing websites to better measure campaign success and set realistic KPI’s for marketing efforts

11 November 2019 | 5:17 am

Status Town Hall - Monday November 11, 2019

Short Town Hall this week, with updates from the PeopleOps team on hiring, Core Updates and Infrastructure Update. Enjoy! [Slides ] PeopleOps Core Infrastructure..

5 November 2019 | 9:43 am

The Status Network Quarterly Report - Q3 2019

We're back with our second edition of the Status quarterly report - a tour through The Status Network looking at all of our recent news – across development, community, and ecosystem.

29 October 2019 | 7:21 am

Town Hall - Monday October 28, 2019

Check out this weeks Town Hall. See exciting updates from Keycard and Embark. And check out our new and improved Ambassadors program - See how you can get involved.

28 October 2019 | 6:11 am

Re-Introducing The Status Ambassadors - Join us in our mission

Join us in our mission of enabling sovereign, open societies and economies.

18 October 2019 | 11:05 am

Introducing Subspace: JS Reactive DApp Development Library

Subspace is a framework agnostic JS library that embraces reactive programming with RxJS, including built-in syncing!

15 October 2019 | 3:52 am

Tips for Productive and Happy Remote-Working

Status is an entirely remote organization with contributors from over 20 countries in the world and over 100 years of remote-working experience. Here are our tips for productive, happy remote work

14 October 2019 | 6:41 am

Town Hall #45 - Monday October 14, 2019

Poeople-ops update on our use of Discord and a Core team update. We also have a Security & Infra update, Liquid Funding, a Nim update after Devcon5, and Update on Outreach.

4 October 2019 | 8:05 am

vacp2p Logo Design Competition - The Top 5!

After a flurry of amazing and creative design submissions for the vacp2p logo design competition, we have determined the top 5 finalists with the SNT Voting DApp.

3 October 2019 | 8:10 am

Know Thyself

Google has to promise not to be evil, rather than building systems that prevent the possibility. However, you can now see clearly how a new kind of ranking algorithm works on Ethereum by looking at one, simple web page.

3 October 2019 | 7:11 am

Status Added to Messari Disclosures Registry for further Transparency

Status has been added to the Messari Disclosures Registry – an open source central repository of crypto project information – furthering our commitment to transparency.

30 September 2019 | 2:24 pm

Security Audit in Progress Ahead of V1 Launch

Status will be undergoing manual & automated testing, and a review of the codebase to ensure the highest level of security.

30 September 2019 | 6:10 am

Town Hall #44 Monday September 30, 2019

Town Hall #44 - Updates from the core team ahead of V1, Security Audit kicks off today with Trail of Bits, Infrastructure updates, Keycard updates, and more