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Ethmoji Beta - a Gravatar for Ethereum

Introducing 0x Protocol V2

Introducing the SENSE Core Platform

Tim Draper and Republic looking for crypto startup investment opportunities

RareBits - Buy, sell, and discover crypto assets

CryptoHire: Pre-vetted Developers. Pay in Bitcoin and Ethereum — Technology and Business Incubator for the Air Taxi

Join Jason Calacanis and Republic in Sydney June 19th.

Matic Network provides free, instant and secure Ethereum based cryptographic token payments and transfers.

Clinicoin - Global Health and Wellness Blockchain Platform

The Government of Canada is now using the Ethereum blockchain

The Bounties Network: Bounties on any task, easily paid in ETH or ERC20 tokens.

MyEtherHODL is an Ethereum smart contract that allows you to lock up your ETH for 3 years without having to worry about the price.

Hexel - Create a cryptocurrency for your community.

Barter Token Standard ERC981 for asset and security tokens

State of the DApps: 5 Observations From Usage Data (April 2018)

You've got ETH - Send Ethereum to anyone

Kimono — trustless secret sharing using time-locks on Ethereum

ETHERBOTS Launches, overtaking CryptoKitties in Transaction Volume (Again)

CryptoTunes: unleash and discover music creativity on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Requesting community feedback: Parr, a query tool for Ethereum

INFURA: secure, reliable, and scalable access to Ethereum and IPFS.

Crypto digest for newbies |

CryptoFighters: Collect, train and battle with unique fighters with Ethereum

FOAM MainNet Preview: Token Curated Registries for Geographic Points of Interest