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Today is the last day to sign up for FOAM's Spatial Index closed beta. The Spatial Index is a general purpose visual blockchain explorer for visualizing and interacting with smart contracts in a web map

skmgoldin/tcr: A generic token-curated registry

Token Daily Redesign: Company Profiles by Preston Attebery - Blockchain Design - Dribbble

Block & Jerry's ice cream on the Bitcoin testnet with Lightning - Accept any cryptocurrency with just one link--FREE of charge!

Lecture notes for the Stanford Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2018 Conference (Days 1 and 2) · GitHub

Markets up! And a few million donated from the Pineapple Fund! 🍍

Truffle-next: 🛰️ A boilerplate Truffle Box project with Next.js for rapid Ethereum Dapp development

TrueBit: Secure, scalable, decentralized computation

Crypto-Sheets: Google Sheets script editor code for managing a cryptocurrency tracking spreadsheet

GitHub: Build an DApp using React, Redux, Saga, Truffle, MetaMask.

Get realtime updates from Ethereum Blockchain

Toshi: browser for the Ethereum network

Token Daily Product Design by Preston Attebery

µRaiden - Fast, cheap, scalable token transfers for Ethereum

Truffle-react: ⚛️A boilerplate Truffle Box project with Create React App for rapid Ethereum Dapp development

Harnessing Lightning For Instant Bitcoin Transacting — A Tutorial

Learn to code games on Ethereum. Powered by Loom Network

⚡ A curated list of awesome Lightning Network projects

Create a cryptocurrency contract in Ethereum

Use Dharma Protocol to write a collateralized debt instrument so you can loan out your Cryptokitty

CoinAPI - Cryptocurrency Data API

Lightning Update: Nodes: 252 ( +500% in 1wk) Channels: 742 ( +900% in 1wk)

Shabang: Bitcoin Lightning Network Data Collection