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@ToTheBlockchain - copy tweets to the blockchain

CryptoGoods | Turn your cryptocollectibles into unique, real goods

Handshake - I made a promise on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Community Database

Introducing Chanterelle, a Purely Functional Smart Contract Manager

Coinbase Acquires Cipher Browser

[Launch] BearTax - Calculate cryptocurrency taxes in simple steps

ernr - Create A Monero Mining Page (made by a 14 year old)

Plasma on Loom Network DAppChains: Scalable DApps With Ethereum-Secured Assets

MyEtherHODL is an Ethereum smart contract that allows you to lock up your ETH for 3 years without having to worry about the price. — Technology and Business Incubator for the Air Taxi

Crypto Squad - Create and manage a crypto fund for friends and family

are we decentralized yet? - analyzing how decentralized the top 100 cryptocurrency projects really are

Ethmoji Beta - a Gravatar for Ethereum

You've got ETH - Send Ethereum to anyone

Beep - Get notified when cryptocurrency markets are added to GDAX

A Litecoin Debit Card is Coming Soon

Tokenlon Launch

Darkwinds: Pirate-themed trading card game on Ethereum

Barter Token Standard ERC981 for asset and security tokens

OAK ELEVATE- World's First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

Join the Deconet Distributed Open Source + Blockchain Development Contest on June 15th!

Cryptocurrency Jobs - The biggest blockchain job board on the web

The Bancor Wallet | Buy and sell tokens instantly, directly from within your wallet