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Ethmoji Beta - a Gravatar for Ethereum

OpenSea — the first decentralized marketplace for crypto assets

Cryptocurrency Community Database

Crypto Squad - Create and manage a crypto fund for friends and family

22X Token Fund

Introducing 0x Protocol V2

Robinhood Crypto: Invest in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies,

Ben helps you buy, sell, store, and learn about Bitcoin.

RareBits - Buy, sell, and discover crypto assets

Shake Ninja: Decentralized Betting

CryptoHire: Pre-vetted Developers. Pay in Bitcoin and Ethereum — Technology and Business Incubator for the Air Taxi

Hodler List - Database of Crypto Portfolios

Darkwinds: Pirate-themed trading card game on Ethereum

Announcing Bitfract: The Easiest Way to Invest in a Diversified Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies

Introducing SoHo Token Labs: Advancing Smart Contract Security

CryptoMod: Automate your Crypto Community on Telegram

Announcing TokenSets Public Beta – {Set} protocol – Medium

Announcing Fan Bits: A DIY crypto-collectible creation platform

GiveCrypto - Give cryptocurrency to people in need.

CryptoGoods | Turn your cryptocollectibles into unique, real goods

Join Jason Calacanis and Republic in Sydney June 19th.

Matic Network provides free, instant and secure Ethereum based cryptographic token payments and transfers.

Announcing The ERC dEX Public Beta! – ERC dEX – Medium

Clinicoin - Global Health and Wellness Blockchain Platform