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White Papers

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Icon (ICX) White Paper

Wanchain (WAN) White Paper

EIP867 titled ‘Standardized #Ethereum Recovery Proposals’ is now merged in.

Introducing the SENSE Core Platform

Interactive Coin Offerings - The World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts

R_Block Whitepaper

The ERC-ME Whitepaper - Tokenized Pseudo-Identites

Republic Protocol: Decentralized Dark Pool Exchange

Gems Protocol

The Keep Network: A Privacy Layer for Public Blockchains

Slide deck for a white paper? Introducing ProjectMQ: A New Hope for Indie Games

Ocean Protocol Business Paper is out!

Bitcoin White Paper

1Protocol Whitepaper: Virtual Workers on Ethereum

Sovrin: A Protocol and Token for Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Trust

DFINITY White Paper: Our Consensus Algorithm

SENSE White Paper

Analysis: Monero Gold

Loopring White Paper

ZenCash White Paper

VeChain White Paper

Bancor Network Token White Paper

Civic White Paper