Decentralized exchange and crowdfunding

5 Sep 2018 | 8:18 am

The NYSE owners are set to launch Bakkt this November and take cryptocurrency mainstream.

Bakkt, a subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) owners ICE Markets is set to make waves when it goes live this November. Bakkt will be the first project of this magnitude to Launch Bitcoin…

9 Aug 2018 | 13:37 pm

Quasicrystals as sums of waves in the plane

On the suggestion of a friend , I rendered this animation: This quasicrystal is full of emergent patterns, but it can be described in...

17 Apr 2018 | 12:02 pm

Bitcoin Data Science (Pt. 1): HODL Waves

Data from Bitcoin’s UTXO distribution contains many signals about market behavior. We plot the age of the UTXO distribution over time to show how new cohorts of investors enter and exit the market.

7 Aug 2018 | 10:08 am

Tales from the Crypt #37: Dhruv Bansal by Tales from the Crypt

Join Marty as he sits down with Dhruv Bansal, co-founder of Unchained Capital, to discuss HODL waves, using bitcoin as collateral for loans, how the story of Merlin and Arthur in "The Once & Future King" may apply to Bitcoin, and how we may take Bitcoin to space as an intergalactic money. Follow Dhruv: @dhruvbansal Follow Marty: @MartyBent Check out Unchained: https://www.unchained-capital.com/

9 Jul 2018 | 16:48 pm

CBOE Files with SEC for Bitcoin ETF

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is examining an application from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Global Markets which, if approved, could grant the company a coveted bitcoin ETF license, and bring new waves of institutional investors to the bitcoin arena.The process began in ...